Your Name here

For Political Office

Prepared to serve as <Political Office> in <your Community/Area>!

Your Name here

For Political Office

Prepared to serve as <Political Office> in <your Community/Area>!

Terms & Conditions:

Contract will be written to coincide with the end of the inauguration of the candidate into office plus 1 month transition.  Site contract can be renewed if desired as unofficial political site.

75% of contracted fee’s are due at contract signing, remaining balance due upon completion of web site.

Web site will be complete and available online for proofing within 5 business days unless agreed upon differently contingent on all available logo’s, videos and photos being available within three days of contract signing.  

Upon inauguration plus 1 month, all responsibilities for PayPal administration, Facebook page administration, Twitter feeds, Blog posts and mailing lists will be transitioned to candidates office unless contracted accordingly.

Post election web site registration and hosting fee’s can be transferred or contracted for accordingly to maintain ownership of web site name.

Normal maintenance and updates (photo updates, video additions) to web site will occur within scope of monthly maintenance fee.  Each quarter, as part of contract, we will perform design changes according to candidates wishes.  Additional pages can be negotiated as needed, cost dependent upon content and design elements desired.  

Encrypted mailing list will be considered proprietary and not shared with anyone outside of predetermined and designated assignees determined at contract signing.

All logos, associated image files, photos and videos will be considered the property of candidates office and treated as such.  

If contracted, calendar events will be entered on web site within 1 business day.  If contracted for both Facebook and Website calendars, they will also be kept in sync within the same 1 business day criteria.

Approval drafts of commercial videos will be available within 3 business days of video shoot.  Video will be shot in HD and compliant with known TV studio requirements and will be the responsibility of candidates office to engage TV studio for promotion on TV media.

If using a video for TV advertising, instead of 3 minutes, it should be scripted for 45-90 seconds maximum.  3 minute videos can tell a story on websites and Facebook but are strongly NOT recommended for TV media due to cost.  Typically speaking, 90 seconds is about long enough so if a 3 minute video is contracted for, we will assist and for no additional charge, help design it for a 2 segment release.  Contact us for additional discussions.

Green screen video can be shot for additional fees.

All videos will feature an overlay message saying “I’m John/Jane Doe and I approve this message” along with website & Facebook link.

Candidate or designee will be responsible for Biography page content and be required to send it to CITO Web Design within 3 business days of contract signing as to avoid delays in getting website built and proofed on time.

Call or Email us for additional details and discussions.

– Dave Lohmoeller,

– CITO Web Design


(765) 447-7958

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