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What is encryption anyway?  Simply put, it is a means of scrambling data so it is unreadable to normal human beings.  Computers with heuristic algorithm’s and a lot of “smarts” with a lot of time and CPU cycle’s might be able to figure out what you have but they have to decide if it is worth the trouble.  Here’s an example of text we would encrypt and what it would like encrypted and then reversed.


Databases are typically a location where data from multiple sources are placed.  By doing this and employing the SQL command language, a number of reports can be generated that provide deeper insight into how your business is performing.  It can highlight high’s, low’s and area’s where more focus needs to be placed.  

We offer full database support:

  • Design
  • Installation
  • Maintenance
  • Support
  • Integration
  • Encryption

That last bullet is likely the most crucial to many operations and businesses.  We have developed a proprietary encryption method that will allow you to have multiple levels of protection!

With databases, dissimilar applications can share information allowing you to focus on running the business.  You and your staff can be more productive which can lead to business growth and strength.

cito-linux.com[  ]lomiller:

 > /home/lomiller/register

 67 cito-example.pl

Encrypting data is taking that which is human readable like:


and making it totally unrecognizable like this:


So Command:      citocrypt -e cito dave@cito-ondemand.com

Produces:        ?Ces44zlU773Uc5cYdIBDJWCgP322.U@nS*WJs6?69US-@9U%W6-[

And to reverse it:

Command:         citocrypt -d cito ?Ces44zlU773Uc5cYdIBDJWCgP322.U@nS*WJs6?69US-@9U%W6-[

Produces:        dave@cito-ondemand.com

cito-linux.com[  ]lomiller:

 > /home/lomiller/register

In the example to the left, citocrypt is the cryptography program developed by CITO onDemand, LLC.  The -e and -d tell the program to encrypt or decrypt respectively.  The cito prefixing the input used in the example is the locking key chosen for this example.  A key is required and the same key must be used to both lock and unlock the encrypted string of data!  

In databases we setup and manage, select data fields such as email id’s, addresses and other select fields are encrypted by default so they remain protected from the public domain.