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Web Design

By CITO onDemand, LLC

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Web FAQ’s & Features

Well, we can do just about anything you need done:

  • Of course, we have database support. Design, develop and supported for your needs
  • Logins to secure area’s
  • Customer Feedback programs
  • Information Request forms
  • All ties into Social Media links
  • Videos you provide or Videos we create for you
  • Photo’s in sliders, formatted as you desire from a variety of formats
  • Maps to your location
  • Custom Photo editing
  • e-Commerce
  • Blog’s
  • Forum’s
  • Testimonial Pages
  • Scheduling Applet’s
  • GPS Tracking of Fleet Vehicle’s
  • Restaurant On-Line ordering
  • Calendar’s

If we missed listing something, just ask!  We’re certain we can satisfy your needs!

Video FAQ’s

The "Message" to deliver

Single biggest decision to make is the type of message you want to deliver. Serious, fun, infomercial, humorous, commercial, angry. They and others help determine the tone and how the audience will recieve your message.

Where Used?

Is this going to be on a web site? Facebook? YouTube? Vimeo? Choosing a video storage space might be easiest as they provide a link that can be used elsewhere including your web sites.

Output Format(s)

We can produce a variety of output formats. They include:

  • MP4 (*.mp4)
  • MPEG (*.mpg; *.m2ts; *.m2t)
  • QuickTime (*.mov)
  • Windows Media audio & video (*.wmv)
  • Video for Windows (*.avi)
  • Windows Media audio (*.wma)
  • Waveform audio (*.avi)

With certain options set, the MP4 output is the same as used by local TV stations.

All our videos are created in full HD format


We can use anyone you desire. We strongly suggest using someone associated with your business mostly for recognition purposes.

Think about a local car dealer who is well known! Creates a "brand" in itself!


We've got a pretty good creative side, we can help here. Over the years, we've been involved with marketing for everything from toy stores, to cars, to corporate boardrooms. Plus we watch a lot of TV and have a good feel for what works!

So if you're stuck, we can help!

Sample Calendar

These can be setup so that ANYONE or only specific users can update the calendar.